The rapid spread of monkeypox is worrying: Dr. Angam from the World Health Organization..!!

Geneva: Dr. Poonam Khedrapal Singh from the World Health Organization has said that the rapid spread of measles in different countries of the world is worrying. The epidemic of monkeypox, which spread in African countries, has spread to different countries of the world. Monkey disease has spread in 75 countries including Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Britain and India. More than 16,000 people are affected by monkeypox worldwide. Due to this, the World Health Organization has declared a medical emergency.


Monkey measles is a rare viral infection. Britain’s National Health Service has reported that the effects are mild and most people will recover within a few weeks. Dr. Poonam Khedrapal Singh, South East Asia Director of the World Health Organization, said that the rapid spread of measles is worrying. He also mentioned that the spread of monkeypox can be prevented if adequate precautions and disease prevention measures are taken.

Meanwhile, Health Minister M. Subramanian has said that no one is infected with monkeypox in Tamil Nadu. Speaking to reporters after inspecting the Corona vaccination camp in Chennai, he mentioned that those returning to Tamil Nadu from abroad are being monitored regularly. Measles does not spread easily from one person to another; Experts say the risk to the public is very low.


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