Sudden Interdiction of Spying Vessel; China strongly opposes Sri Lanka’s decision

Colombo: China, which has leased Ampantota port in Sri Lanka for 99 years, is planning to station the military’s ‘Yuan Wang-5’ satellite monitoring ship in this port and carry out some work. For this purpose, the ship will arrive at Ampandota on the 11th and will camp there till the 17th and carry out satellite surveillance and reconnaissance work. The Government of Sri Lanka had given permission for this.

China strongly opposes Sri Lanka's decision

This decision of Sri Lanka was strongly opposed by the Union Government as it posed a huge threat to India’s security. Subsequently, the Sri Lankan government, bowing to India’s opposition, wrote to China not to send a spy ship to Ambandota for now. The Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka, who has opposed this, has warned that ‘refusing permission to the ship will have an impact on bilateral relations’. In this context, the Chinese Embassy has invited the Sri Lankan authorities for an urgent consultation meeting.

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