Stepping into Taiwan is a different story: Ame. China warns Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Washington: US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is planning to visit Taiwan today despite strong opposition from China, it has been reported. US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has toured Asian countries such as Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. He had announced that he was also going to Taiwan. China expressed strong opposition to this and warned that if Nancy Pelosi sets foot in Taiwan, they will not be idle. Taiwan has been operating as an autonomous region since 1997 following a civil war in China.

Stepping into Taiwan is a different story
But China claims Taiwan as its own. In this case, Nancy Pelosi is expected to go there today to inquire about China’s human rights violations in Taiwan. Nancy Pelosi, who was in Singapore yesterday, has not been clarified as to which country she is going to today. It is also feared that if Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan despite China’s opposition, a direct conflict between the United States and China will break out.

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