SriLankan Airlines agrees to sell stake to revive economy

Colombo: SriLankan Cabinet has decided to sell 49 percent shares of SriLankan Airlines to revive the economy. There is a severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka. The domestic production has been completely paralyzed due to the unprecedented decline in foreign exchange, export and import damage due to the paralysis of tourism and industries. The government has no money even to buy essential goods.

SriLankan Airlines agrees to sell stake to revive economy

Due to this, the Sri Lankan government decided to sell the shares of its loss-making national airline, SriLankan Airlines. Accordingly, the Sri Lankan government announced last August that it plans to sell 49 percent of the shares. This was discussed in yesterday’s cabinet meeting. In this, the sale of shares was approved. At the same time, it was decided not to sell shares to a single person, but to select specific investors and sell them transparently.

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