iPhone workers run over fence fearing lockdown in China

Beijing: Fearing the corona lockdown in China, a video of iPhone company employees jumping over the fence and running headlong to their hometown has gone viral on social media. The largest iPhone factory of Apple’s electronic device maker Boxcon is operating in China’s Zhengzhou region. 3 lakh people work there. Currently, the government of the country has advised to take strict control measures due to the increase of corona virus in China.

iPhone workers run over fence fearing lockdown in China
In this case, many employees in the iPhone factory have been confirmed to have corona infection. Most of the people working there are migrant workers. Due to this a lockdown has been implemented in the factory. A video of some of the employees jumping over the factory fence and fleeing to their hometowns, fearing that it will take months to get home if they get trapped in the factory, is being shared on social media there. As there is no transport facility due to the lockdown, the employees go to their hometowns on foot.


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