Russian army destroys 3 power plants in one day

Kiev: Several parts of Ukraine have been plunged into darkness as Russian forces attack power plants. Russia escalated attacks on Ukraine, blaming Ukraine for the attack on the bridge linking Crimea with Russia. Attacks targeting power plants have plunged cities including the capital Kiev into darkness. Ukrainian President Zelensky, who has said that 3 power plants have been attacked by Russia in the last 24 hours, said that although the renovation work is going on in full swing, it will take a long time to fully restore it.

Russian army destroys 3 power plants in one day
Power plants have been targeted and destroyed, affecting hundreds of towns and villages across Ukraine. In order to reduce electricity consumption, Ukraine has requested to avoid unnecessary electrical appliances. As the winter season has started in Ukraine, people are suffering from extreme cold due to power outages, unable to use heaters. Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that the regions of Ukraine annexed to Russia will be subject to martial law.       


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