Cyclone Chitrang death toll rises to 35 in Bangladesh: Over 80 lakh people without power for 26th day

Dhaka: The death toll in Bangladesh due to Cyclone Chitrang has increased to 35. More than 80 lakh people are suffering without electricity for the 2nd day. A depression formed in the Bay of Bengal last week has turned into a storm. The cyclone named Chitrang was expected to hit West Bengal hard. However, the storm moved away from it and headed towards Bangladesh, hitting the country’s coastal region hard. Especially in Bola district. 88 km. The strong winds toppled the roofs of hundreds of houses and thousands of trees fell onto roads.

Cyclone Chitrang death toll rises to 35 in Bangladesh
Cyclone Chitrang unexpectedly made landfall near Parisal, Bangladesh. However, it has caused severe damage in Bangladesh. It is reported that the number of victims of the storm in the country has increased by 35. More than 10,000 houses were affected and 15,000 acres of crops were damaged. The government moved 20,000 people into camps as a precaution. It is not known when they will return home. 80 lakh people including the capital Dhaka are suffering without electricity for the 2nd day. The National Disaster Response Team is involved in rescue operations.            

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