Russia must be punished for war crimes’: Ukrainian President Zelensky’s speech at the UN Assembly

Geneva: President Vladimir Zelensky has urged UN leaders to punish Russia for war crimes in Ukraine. Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the leaders of various countries at the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly by video. Speaking then, Zelensky said that a crime has been committed against Ukraine, and we demand a fair punishment. Crimes have taken place across our state borders. He insisted that the UN should take steps to punish Russia for the crimes of killing tens of thousands of people of our country and murdering women and children.

Russia must be punished for war crimes
He also called for the creation of a special court to try Russia’s war crimes. Ukraine’s president said that punishing Russia for war crimes would serve as a warning to countries that want to invade other countries. Zelensky has said that Ukraine should receive compensation from Russia for the losses it has suffered as a result of the war.


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