Russia is trying to remove Ukraine from the world map: US President Joe Biden accuses the UN General Assembly

Washington: US President Joe Biden has accused Russia of trying to remove the sovereign country of Ukraine from the world map. UN Speaking at the 77th session of the General Assembly, he criticized Russia’s war on its neighbors as a shameful act. Biden accused Russia of violating key principles of the United Nations Charter. Biden accused Russia of calling in veterans to take over Ukraine. He urged the world to take notice of Russia’s transgression.

Russia is trying to remove Ukraine from the world map
Meanwhile, efforts have intensified to hold referendums in some Russian-controlled regions of Ukraine and annex them to Russia. Accordingly, Putin has invited ex-soldiers with experience in military operations. The Russian Defense Minister has said that about 3 lakh ex-servicemen have been invited. President Putin has issued a nuclear warning to Western countries over the Ukraine issue, causing tension.


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