24 devotees drown after boat capsizes in river: Tragedy in Bangladesh

Dhaka: 24 devotees have died after a boat capsized while visiting a temple in Bangladesh. In the Panchgarh district of Bangladesh, there is the Buddhashwari Amman Temple. A large number of Hindus went to worship at this temple on the occasion of Amavasai yesterday. A large number of devotees used to go to this temple by boat on the river Koroda. Then, due to heavy load, the boat suddenly capsized. Out of this, 24 people drowned in the river.

24 devotees drown after boat capsizes in river12 of them are women. 8 are boys. Many others on the boat are missing. The rescue operation went on intensively. As it got dark by then, the rescue operation was called off. As the river is in high flood, the fate of the missing persons is questionable. Due to this, the death toll is expected to increase.


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