French government to encourage bicycle use: Allocation of funds to create separate lanes on roads

Paris: France is going to implement special projects worth 1970 crore rupees to promote the use of bicycles across the country. The French government is encouraging the use of bicycles in view of environmental improvement and fuel economy. In this case, the French government has prepared a special plan for those who use bicycles for transportation. In the first phase, a press conference was held regarding the use of bicycles to be implemented in the capital Paris.

French government to encourage bicycle useTransport Minister and Environment Ministers who attended the event on bicycles impressed everyone. Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said that arrangements have been made for students in primary schools to practice cycling. Elizabeth said that 1970 crore rupees will be spent next year on projects including separate route system and financial assistance to buy bicycles to promote bicycle travel in rural areas as well.

When Prime Minister Elizabeth was Minister of Transport 4 years ago, measures to promote bicycle use were initiated. 14,000 kilometers of roads have dedicated bicycle lanes. It is noteworthy that the French government has been subsidizing the purchase and repair of bicycles since last years.


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