Manisha, Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP: A feat beyond barriers

KARACHI: Breaking all odds, Manisha Robetta is set to take over as Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP. Manisha Robetta (26) hails from Jacobabad, Sindh, Pakistan. He stood 16th out of 152 candidates in the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) last year. With this, she has achieved the historic feat of becoming Pakistan’s first Hindu woman DSP. Robetta, who is currently undergoing training, will take over as DSP in the crime-ridden Lyari area after completing her training.

Manisha, Pakistan's first Hindu woman DSP

In an interview she gave, “I grew up watching the patriarchy from a young age. If girls want to study and work, they think of becoming a doctor or a teacher. No one wants family women to join police force or work in courts. I want to put an end to it. I will be a defender of women and prevent crimes against women. Relatives said that I cannot stand in the police. I have now proved that what they thought was a lie.”


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