I’ll cut your throat Jump out of the window and run away: Ingi threatened the authorities

London: ‘I’ll cut your throat. The British minister who threatened the officials by saying, “Jump through the window and run away…” has resigned from his post.
 Indian-origin Rishi Sunak has become the Prime Minister of England following the resignation of Prime Minister Liz Tress. Just 2 weeks after he took office, he has problems due to the activities of the ministers. Indian-origin Home Minister Suvella Braverman has been accused by opposition parties of breaking the rules and demanding her resignation.

I'll cut your throat Jump out of the window and run away
In this case, Kevin Williamson, the Minister of Home Affairs, has also created a problem. He was a non-department minister and sent information that he insulted the senior officials of his department with inappropriate words. A popular daily reported recently. The paper also mentioned that Kevin threatened officers with threats such as “I’ll cut your throat”, “jump out of the window”. Subsequently, Kevin has resigned from his post. In his resignation letter to Prime Minister Sunak, he said, ‘I deny the allegations against me. I am resigning from the post to cooperate with the inquiry in this regard. I will prove that I am not involved in any wrongdoing,’ he said. Sunak has announced that he will accept his resignation.


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