Goddess and Ganesha idols stolen from Tamil Nadu temples found in America: Anti-Idol Smuggling Squad action

Washington: 2 idols stolen from Tamil Nadu temples found in US museum The Anti-Idol Anti-Smuggling Unit police are continuously investigating and recovering the idols and antiques stolen from temples in Tamil Nadu. In this case, the idol of Vinayagar and Goddess stolen from Pannaga Parameswara Swamy temple in Naga Thiruthurapoondi has been found. Balu had complained that the idol of Ganesha was stolen from the temple.

Goddess and Ganesha idols stolen from Tamil Nadu temples found in America
Subsequently, an investigation by the Anti-Idol Smuggling Unit revealed the theft of 11 idols. 11 idols including Somaskandar, Chandrasekhara Amman, Devi, Astradeva, Pitari Amman, Navagraha Surya, Bhoga Sakthiamman, Nana Sambandar, Chandrasekhar with Amman, Standing Chandrasekhar and Standing Vinayagar statue were found stolen. Currently, Anti-Idol Smuggling Unit has taken action to recover the statue of Goddess and Lord Ganesha in the American Museum.

Officials of the Idol Prevention Unit are working hard to find the remaining missing idols. It has also been found that these two idols were sold during the 1970s. Subhash, the idol smuggling kingpin, is said to have a key connection in this. Officials are working to bring the 2 idols from America to Tamil Nadu.


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