US sent missile ships to China to anger China, renewed war tensions in Taiwan Strait

Taipei: US warships have entered the Taiwan Strait to provoke China again, causing tension.
China, which claims Taiwan, strongly opposes any move by any country to recognize it as an independent country. Meanwhile, Speaker of the American Parliament Nancy Polesi, who went to Taiwan on the 2nd, met with the country’s President Tsai Ing-wen. Enraged by this, China engaged in serious military exercises in the Taiwan Strait area. Following this, US MPs and key leaders visited Taiwan 4 times. China strongly condemned this too.

US sent missile ships to China to anger China
In this case, 2 missile warships USS Antidam and USS Chancellorsville of the US Navy entered the Taiwan Strait, a 160 km long waterway between Taiwan and China in the South China Sea yesterday. Despite China’s strong objection, US warships continue to camp in the area. The Chinese military has warned that these vessels are being monitored regularly and that they will be attacked in case of violation. This has increased the tension again.


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