Political Crisis in Iraq: Fierce clashes between Sadr supporters and pro-Iran groups… 15 killed

BAGHDAD: 15 people were killed in clashes between supporters of Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr and pro-Iran groups in Iraq. In Iran, one of the West Asian countries, the election in October last year has been dragging on since no one got a majority in forming a new government. Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr’s party, which won a maximum of 73 seats, opposed the formation of government by pro-Iran groups.

Political Crisis in Iraq: Fierce clashes between Sadr supporters and pro-Iran groups
Yesterday, Sadr announced his retirement from politics amid major crises. Following this, his supporters besieged the parliament building in Baghdad and a nationwide curfew was declared. Meanwhile, 15 people were killed in armed clashes between Sadr’s supporters and pro-Iran groups. Interim Prime Minister Mustafa has ordered the army not to fire at anyone in the midst of great tension in Baghdad.

Similar to the incidents that happened in Sri Lanka earlier, the protestors who captured the official house of the Iraqi government took a bath from there and enjoyed themselves in the swimming pool. As the conflict between the two factions continues in Baghdad, the death toll is feared to rise. Sadr has announced that all sides will go on a hunger strike to protest the use of weapons. Sadr, seen as the main reformer in Iraq, once led and led a militant group against the US and Iraqi government forces.         

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