Ending Prime Minister Liz Truss’ rule in Britain

London: As a result of the economic crisis in Britain, the newly appointed British Prime Minister Liz Truss will lose her position. Recently, the Liss cabinet introduced tax cuts for the well-off in its budget. Prime Minister Lisene said the move had hit Britain’s economy. The economy took a turn for the worse as there was no alternative plan to repair the losses. The British pound fell against the US dollar and lending rates rose.

Ending Prime Minister Liz Truss' rule in Britain
Subsequently, Lees promptly sacked Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng and appointed former Foreign Affairs Minister Jeremy Hunt as the new Finance Minister. In this situation, the British media is reporting that a party of the Conservative Party is planning to remove Liz Truss from office due to the economic crisis. It also looks like this week is about to bring a hopeless feud against Liz Truss. There are also reports that there is a chance for Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin, to be the next Prime Minister of Britain.

It is said that Rishi Sunak, who was the Finance Minister in the Cabinet of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has handled the economic crisis well and that a section of the Conservative Party has decided to make him Prime Minister in the current environment. However, it is said that another section of the party has decided to put forward the names of 3 people, including former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to compete with Sunak, causing confusion in British politics.


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