China’s spy ship ‘Yuan Wang-5’ has arrived at Sri Lanka’s Ambantota port

Colombo: China’s spy ship ‘Yuan Wang-5’ has arrived at Sri Lanka’s Ambantota port. It was announced last week that China’s ‘Yuan Wang-5’ spy ship, which has sophisticated facilities for tracking intercontinental ballistic missiles and satellites, will arrive at Ambandotta port in Sri Lanka. India strongly opposed this. Because of this, the Sri Lankan government requested that the ship’s arrival be postponed. But before that, a Chinese spy ship had arrived in the Indian Ocean area, and it arrived near Ambandotta port the day before yesterday.

As the Sri Lankan port authorities have not yet given permission for this, it is suspended in the sea at a distance of 600 nautical miles from the port. Yesterday for the 2nd day in a row, it did not come into the port and was standing there, raising various doubts. In this case, Pakistan’s warship ‘PNS Taimur’ arrived at Colombo port yesterday. This warship with advanced facilities has been manufactured by China. The vessel arrived in Colombo en route from China to Pakistan.

China's spy ship 'Yuan Wang-5'
On the 15th, this Pakistani ship will be taken to Karachi. Before that, the Sri Lanka Navy is also going to engage in training with the ship. It is noteworthy that the ship had already conducted combat training with the navy of those countries when it came through Malaysia and Cambodia. Thus, simultaneous Chinese and Pakistani ships have come very close to India in the Indian Ocean, causing tension. India is constantly monitoring these ships. Suffering Sri Lanka: Chinese spy ship did not enter Ambandotta port as planned, port officials said yesterday.

However, the Chinese ship is scheduled to stay in Sri Lanka till the 17th. Sri Lanka, which is already stuck in economic crisis, is also stuck in various political problems. In this situation, the arrival of Chinese and Pakistani warships and India’s resistance are stuck with new problems. Meanwhile, China’s spy ship ‘Yuan Wang-5’ arrived at Sri Lanka’s Ambantota port amid various protests.


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