Ruto wins as president of Kenya

NAIROBI: As Ruto has won Kenya’s new presidency, the capital Nairobi is tense as his opponents turn violent. The presidential election results have been announced in Kenya, one of the East African countries. Former Prime Minister and veteran politician Raila Odinga, who was expected to win, lost by a margin of 2%. Odinga’s supporters turned violent in the Kabera area of ​​the capital, Nairobi, to protest against the declaration of Ruto, who was the vice-president.

Ruto wins as president of Kenya

The police tried to disperse the protest by throwing tear gas shells at them. Supporters of former Prime Minister Odinga have been protesting by burning tires on the roads. Clashes broke out between the protestors and the police who stopped the protest. Ruto’s supporters, on the other hand, are celebrating their victory. Throughout Nairobi, Ruto’s supporters have been dancing and cheering.


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