Cervical cancer; Hollywood actress dies

New York: Hollywood actress Robin Griggs, who suffered from cervical cancer, died without treatment. Robin Griggs, 49, a Hollywood actress from Pennsylvania, posted last month that she had two new tumors in her liver, one in her stomach muscle and a large one in her right lymph node. A medical examination also revealed that she had cervical cancer. He was receiving continuous treatment and died yesterday without treatment. In a statement released by her manager, ‘Robin Griggs, who was suffering from uterine cancer, has passed away.

Hollywood actress dies
He has acted in films like ‘One Life to Live’ and ‘Another World’ and is famous for acting in horror films. Earlier in the post published by his father Robin, ‘Yesterday he entered that vault (death). He fought his illness with great determination and strength. Let us pray for him at this difficult time. Hollywood celebrities are mourning the death of actress Robin Criggs.


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