Babies in the womb are smart sweet smile bitter and frown

London: Babies enjoy singing while still in the womb. The mother’s joys and sorrows are reflected through her movements. As a result, women who have children while still in the womb have started taking lessons. In this case, British scientists have discovered that children taste sweet and bitter while growing in the womb and show facial expressions accordingly. Scientists selected 100 pregnant women and divided them into 2 groups. One group was given a carrot-flavored capsule and the other a spinach-flavored capsule.

Babies in the womb are smart sweet smile bitter and frown
20 minutes after consuming this, the women underwent ultrasound scanning. In this, it was recorded that the babies growing in the stomachs of women who had swallowed Parattakeerai capsules were frowning because they could not bear the bitterness. at the same time. The babies in the bellies of the women who swallowed the carrot capsule had smiling faces because of the sweet taste. Through this, it is confirmed that while growing in the womb, children know and taste the nature of sweetness and bitterness.


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