240 skeletons including 100 children found in supermarket foundation UK stir

London: Archaeologists are conducting research after the skeletons of 240 people, including 100 children, were stuck in the foundation of a supermarket in England. The supermarket in Haverfordwest, England, has been closed since 2013. Currently, the department store is being demolished for development. While digging the foundations, human bone nests were found here and there. Shocked construction workers informed the local administration.

240 skeletons including 100 children found in supermarket foundation UK stir

They dug several more feet into the foundation of the department store under the supervision of archaeologists and forensics. At that time, more than 240 skeletons were found, including more than 100 skeletons of children. Andrew Shobrook, curator of the Archaeological Trust, said, “This site may have been a crematorium 300 years ago. On examination of the captured ossuary, injuries were found on the bodies of the ossuary. Some have head injuries; These are consistent with war wounds. So far, 240 skeletons have been found. Also bone nests are likely to be found.

In 1405, the French and Welsh forces led by the then King Owain Glyndor attacked and buried them. England has never seen such a large burial ground in its history. It is possible that this place was a crematorium till almost 18th century. Investigations will continue till next January,” he said.

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