Who is the new Prime Minister of England? Queen of England defies tradition

London: Queen Elizabeth II will soon announce the new Prime Minister of England from Scotland, according to Buckingham Palace. Following the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in England, the election is underway to elect the leader of the Conservative Party and the new Prime Minister of England. The initial 11 contestants have been whittled down at each stage and now only former foreign minister Liz Truss and former finance minister and Indian-origin Rishi Sunak are finalists.

Who is the new Prime Minister of England
In this case, it has been reported that the final race of the Conservative Party to elect the new Prime Minister of England will be held on Monday. The winner of this final round, Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, will be announced by Queen Elizabeth II as the new Prime Minister on Tuesday, according to Buckingham Palace.As Queen Elizabeth II is unable to travel due to ill health, she will break with 96-year-old tradition and select a new Prime Minister from Scotland. Palace sources said.


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