Roaring “Tomato” Festival: Red Celebration in Spain

Puenol: The annual cultural festival in Puenol, Spain was held in full swing with the Tomato Fight. Every year in the last week of August, there is a festival where tomatoes are thrown at each other. The government had banned this festival for the last 2 years due to the corona virus. This year the tomato fight festival was held very well. The event, which was well received by tourists, saw the street reddened with tomato pulp as tomatoes were thrown at each other.

Roaring “Tomato” Festival
About 130 tonnes of tomatoes were used for the festival. According to reports, the event was started in 1945 when local children living in areas where tomatoes were grown were fighting over throwing tomatoes for food. Thousands of tourists from all over the world flock to Punal to witness this festival in Spain.


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