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Teamaimed: Collaborate, analyze, plan, and keep up to date with your team in one place. One Platform to manage your all business needs.

Teamaimed help Collaborate, analyze, plan, and keep up to date with your team in one place. Collaborate with your team on a single go-to platform to manage your projects, client, and employees.

Teamaimed is made with a mission to provide the best business management solution in the market and Teamaimed provides features from project management to employee management and from client management to ticket management with other features like live chatting, online storage, notice board, and many more under one roof.

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​​Teamaimed runs on a business value and we appreciate the feedback of our users. At Teamaimed we are committed to providing you with the best business management suite.

Teamaimed has been trusty by more than 500+ companies around the globe.

Teamaimed offers 99.9% uptime and we take security seriously.

Businesses spend millions to strengthen team coordination, Despite efforts and initiatives, lack of coordination persists. Lack of coordination harms business growth and output level. Requirement and Maintenance of servers to store information Businesses coordinate with clients and employees using people led workforce Dearth of Automated sophistication to alter coordination requirements Using several platforms for different activities hampers speedy accessibility

A SaaS-based business management suite One Application that allows businesses to manage both- customers and employees Offers cloud storage for quicker accessibility Easier communication across teams using one platform Allows proper employee tracking and status updates. Teamaimd comes with features in a single platform to help the companies grow their revenue.

Project Management – Collaborate across projects, teams, and countries. Manage all your tasks with ease from one location. Assign tasks to others, check updates on tasks and get back on track with work in a single dashboard.

Employee Management – Teamaimed provides an employee management platform that provides a secure and easy way to manage employees. The software comes with features such as time tracking, attendance systems, leave management, access privileges, and many more.

Customer Management – Teamaimed makes customer management a breeze for businesses. The platform helps teams save time and effort, while also ensuring you are able to provide the best service to your customers.

Finance Management – Teamaimed finance management is the best solution for teams. It gives you a centralized way to manage your finances and allows you to work more smoothly with clients.

Lead Management – Teamaimed lead management suite for all sizes of teams, we have the tools to manage your leads, contacts, and many more.

Click Here to Buy  Teamaimed Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $69.00

Customization – Teamaimed provides a platform with a lot of customization to give a personal touch to your brand.

Online Storage – Teamaimed provides online storage and Companies team members can collaborate in real-time on documents and many more.

Live Chatting – Live Chatting is a great way to collaborate and develop a connection between your employees.

Event System – The event system gives complete control over the events. It also allows you to plan the meetings and other events within your company.


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