FieldProxy Pitchground Discount: Lifetime Deal for $49.00

FieldProxy Pitchground: Building a Custom Team Work Flow makes managing your field team inherently easy. With FieldProxy, you can automate the field operations and manage sales tracking & report generation. It also lets you manage everything by making custom apps for your field team to manage the day-to-day struggles of working on the field.

A one-stop solution to all your field service and employee tracking solution needs. With FieldProxy, you can easily –

  • Create unique dashboards
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Track resources with greater efficiency
  • Create tasks for different employees and manage them seamlessly.

Click Here to Buy FieldProxy Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

FieldProxy Pitchground

FieldProxy, with its unique take on Team Management, provides businesses with an all-in-one tool to manage their field team.

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Organisation Calendar and Planning – Schedule tasks efficiently, assign resources to tasks, and plan your days through an intuitive scheduling and planning system integrated to suit your needs.

Task Creation and Management – Create automated tasks that are necessary for your business, assign them to field teams, track them and update and collect data using these tasks, all through a single app.

Report Generation – Salesforce automation and customised reports with detailed analytics for different kinds of metrics that are unique to your business, available at the click of a few buttons.

Timeline Reporting  – Get detailed information on data collection and modification with timeline reports – know precisely what happened when and where it happened.

Live Employee Tracking – Know exactly what your field team is doing, where they are, and how long they are at any place on the planet, with real-time turn-by-turn employee tracking systems for your business.

Simple to use Mobile APP – Get more data collected faster and with increased efficiency, with AI-powered route planning.

Bring your field operations to life with highly customizable workflows – Let your imagination run wild with simple drag and drop building blocks that give you powerful flexibility to operate your field team the way you want.

  • Add multiple tasks to workflows
  • To-Do checklists
  • Trigger Settings
  • Allocation Controls
  • User permissions

All your field data in a single place – Ensure you have one single source of data with all your field data with unique data types that let you capture the exact information you want.

  • Task Data
  • Multiple data types
  • Easy data capture for agents
  • Detailed Settings for data types
  • Custom formulae & Auto-ids

Get a 360-degree view of your entire field operations – Get your sales, delivery, assets, fleet, operations, servicing team – all in a single platform.

  • Real-time live location tracking
  • Share location with customers
  • Route Planning & Allocation
  • Track field agent productivity
  • View the spatial distribution of all your company partners

Highly customizable dashboards & reports – See the big picture, which would help you figure out what is working and what is not.

  • View Employee Performance
  • Timeline
  • View the data the way you prefer
  • Dashboards and charts

Click Here to Buy FieldProxy Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Other Value-Added Features – It has got lots more power-packed features to help you operate your field team the way you want

  • Invoice Generation
  • Custom SMS/Emails
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Customer Store Front
  • Manage User Permissions
  • No-Touch based attendance tracking


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