Tata company showing mass.. 82 percent increase in total sales.!

Tata Motors is a leading car manufacturing company in India based in Mumbai. Many new models of cars are being designed to understand the needs of the people and suit them. Especially the Nexon car has given the company a good reputation. In terms of cars, Tata has also launched the newly-updated Safari and Harrier petrol cars. Due to this, people are saying that Tata company’s vehicles are of good quality in the last few months. Due to this, the company has received great reception across the country.

It is against this background that Tata Motors sold 79,606 vehicles in June 2022, an 82 percent increase in total domestic sales. Tata Motors also sold 43,341 cars in the passenger segment in May 2002. These have increased by 185 percent year-on-year. And last year i.e. in May 2021, Tata Company delivered 15,181 cars. Currently, it has sold 39,887 ICE passenger vehicles in May this year. Along with this, the company’s sales of electric vehicles increased by 626% to 3,454 units.

Tata company

According to Shailesh Chandra, Managing Director of Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Limited, in the quarter of 2022-23, PV sales were 1,30,125 units. He also said that even though car supplies have been affected due to the lockdown in China especially due to the coronavirus, the demand for passenger vehicles continues to be strong. He also said that the sales of electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2022-2023 reached a new peak with the highest monthly sales of 9,283 units and 3,507 units in June 2022.

Apart from this, in the coming times, the supply of important electronic items required for cars will gradually increase and they have said that they are carrying out work for the same.

Tata Motors Managing Director Krish Wak said that despite the supply disruption, the demand for passenger vehicles has continued to increase, especially road construction and agricultural vehicles, which are growing in their sales. It is particularly noteworthy that Tata overtook Hyundai as the top seller in May.


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