Slice APP is spying on you, trying to steal data! Google warned

The use of smartphones has been steadily increasing in recent years. Meanwhile, security concerns are mounting as there have been numerous complaints that companies are stealing personal details and user data from various apps.
Google periodically scans millions of apps in the Play Store through Google Play Protect to detect malicious apps that attempt to steal data in order to comfort users. According to a recent warning from Google, Fintech claims that Slice App is trying to spy on users’ personal data.

Fintech company Slice has come under scanner after Google warned users that it was trying to spy on users’ personal data, claiming it was an alternative to credit cards. Google Play Protect usually scans apps installed on the device. Meanwhile, according to a report on the business the website, on June 24, Google Play Protect sent out a warning that “Slice” could endanger your device.

Slice APP

Google has warned that Slice is a malicious app that seeks to spy on users’ personal data such as messages, photos, audio recordings or call history. Therefore Google Play Protect users are advised to immediately uninstall Slice from their device by those who have installed this particular Slice app.

Following Google’s recommendation against Slice being discussed on social media, the company provided a clear explanation of the problem on Twitter. Slice also claims that a technical glitch has been fixed. The company said in a statement: “We received a risk message from the Play Store that there was a problem with our app.

Following this, we explored what the problem was and found it, and fixed it within 4 hours. 1% of users who use our app are still using an earlier version. So users who are using the old version should quickly uninstall and reinstall the Slice app. ”

In another statement following this. “We assure you that Slice is fully committed to protecting your data and privacy as always. We guarantee that there will be no change in our app to compromise your data and privacy.”


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