Private plane, no car to Queen Elizabeth II funeral: Eng to world leaders Strict condition

London: The British government has imposed strict conditions on world leaders to participate in the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth II, who ruled England for more than 70 years, died last Thursday due to poor health. His funeral will be held on the 19th at Westminster Abbey in London. The body was laid to rest yesterday at the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh for the royal family to pay their respects. The country’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office has imposed strict conditions on world leaders attending his funeral. In this regard, the conditions stated in the letter sent to the embassies of the countries are as follows:

Private plane, no car to Queen Elizabeth II funeral
* Leaders have been asked to come in passenger planes instead of private planes and helicopters.

* When arriving at Westminster Abbey, they must arrive by bus from West London, rather than in their state-owned cars.

* In order to avoid space constraints during the funeral and related events, only the senior representative of the country and his wife will be reserved.

* Principal Government guest families, staff or groups are not permitted.

* Leaders who are unable to attend may send senior ministers as official representatives of their government.

* King Charles III will entertain dignitaries at Buckingham Palace on the Sunday night before the funeral.

*A minute of silence
King Charles III arrived in the Scottish capital Edinburgh yesterday from London to attend his mother’s funeral procession. The Queen’s body will lie in state at Edinburgh Castle for a day of public mourning before being taken to the cathedral for burial. Meanwhile, a spokesman for UK Prime Minister Liz Truss said, “There will be a minute’s silence at 8pm on Sunday in honor of the Queen’s passing.”


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