A sudden turn in the war pushes Russia back to the border: Ukraine surrenders

Kharkiv: The Ukrainian army said that they recaptured 20 military positions in one day and drove the Russian soldiers there to the border. The war between Ukraine and Russia that started on February 24 has been ongoing for 200 days. Russia initially targeted Ukraine’s military infrastructure, then moved to hospitals, factories, and ports. Many of the major cities are under Russian control. Ukraine continues to fight to recover these.

A sudden turn in the war pushes Russia back to the border
In this case, the Ukrainian army has recaptured various important cities in the southern and eastern part of Ukraine, including Izium, Kubiansk and Palaglia. In a statement released by the Ukrainian army, ‘in the last 24 hours, 20 military positions have been brought back under the control of Ukraine. The soldiers there were chased to the border,’ it said. In this case, Ukraine has taken a sudden turn. Unable to tolerate this, the Russian forces bombed and attacked the main power stations in Kharkiv. Due to this, the power supply is disrupted and the city is plunged into darkness.

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