People riot against Chinese president; ‘Jinping step down’ Dissatisfaction with Corona restrictions

BEIJING: People’s protests against Chinese President Xi Jinping and the country’s ruling Communist Party have intensified across the country for the withdrawal of corona restrictions. China’s president for life, Xi Jinping, holds all power in his hands. Apart from the ruling Communist Party, there is no opposition in the country. Because of this there is no opposition, the Xi Jinping government has imposed very strict restrictions on the Corona issue and is crushing the Chinese people. With the sudden increase in the number of corona infections in China in the past few days, the curfew restrictions have been tightened in some provinces. Meanwhile, due to the curfew control in Urumqi, 10 people lost their lives due to the fire that broke out in an apartment building.

People riot against Chinese president; 'Jinping step down
Due to this issue, the people’s protest which started in Urumqi has spread all over the country. Hundreds of people took part in protests in more than 12 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Urumqi, Nanjing and Guangzhou. Protesters chanted slogans against President Xi Jinping and the ruling Communist Party. They chanted ‘Jinping resign’, ‘Communist Party quit’. Such protest chants against the president have never been heard in China. But now the Corona issue has created an anti-government mood among the Chinese people.


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