Primary Voters Tap Legislators, Treasurer, and Attorney for Statewide Office

Oregon voters have made their voices heard in the primaries, selecting a slate of state legislators and candidates for statewide office. As the November elections approach, these choices will shape the future leadership of Oregon. Let’s delve into the preliminary results and explore the candidates who have emerged as frontrunners.

Attorney General Race

Dan Rayfield: A Proven Track Record

State Representative Dan Rayfield, a Democrat from Corvallis, is leading in the attorney general Democratic primary with an impressive 76% of the vote as of 8:56 p.m. Tuesday. Rayfield previously served as the speaker of the state House for two years before stepping down in March. His experience and vision for the attorney general’s office have resonated with voters.

Shaina Maxey Pomerantz: A Civil Rights Advocate

Challenging Rayfield in the Democratic primary is Shaina Maxey Pomerantz, the executive director of Race Talks—a Portland-based nonprofit that fosters connections across different cultures. Pomerantz also worked as a civil rights investigator for the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries. She secured 23% of the vote, according to preliminary returns.

Oregon Capitol Building.

The attorney general plays a crucial role in Oregon, overseeing the Department of Justice, which employs nearly 1,500 workers statewide and manages an annual budget of approximately $406 million. The attorney general represents and defends state agencies in legal matters and advocates for consumers. This includes taking action against unethical companies and assisting with child support collection.

State Treasurer’s Primary

Elizabeth Steiner: A Strong Contender

Democratic voters favor State Senator Elizabeth Steiner in the state treasurer’s primary. Steiner, representing Portland, brings her expertise to the race. The state treasurer manages Oregon’s finances, investments, and debt. Steiner’s background positions her well to handle these responsibilities effectively.

Secretary of State Race

Dennis Linthicum: The Republican Choice

On the Republican side, GOP voters are supporting Republican State Senator Dennis Linthicum of Klamath County. Linthicum seeks the party’s nomination to run for secretary of state. The secretary of state oversees elections, audits, and business registrations. Linthicum’s candidacy aims to maintain transparency and integrity in Oregon’s electoral processes.

As ballots continue to be counted, these preliminary results set the stage for a new era of Oregon leadership. The state’s three statewide races—for attorney general, secretary of state, and treasurer—are wide open, promising an exciting and competitive election season.


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