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Dexter, Bynum Clinch Democratic Nods in Oregon Congressional Primaries

In a closely watched race, state Representatives Maxine Dexter and Janelle Bynum secured their nominations in the Oregon Democratic congressional primaries. The outcome of these primaries could significantly impact the balance of power in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Money and endorsements played a pivotal role in Oregon’s contested Democratic congressional primaries. Both Dexter and Bynum emerged as strong contenders, each representing different districts with unique challenges.

The 3rd Congressional District: Maxine Dexter’s Victory

Maxine Dexter, a pulmonary and critical care doctor, is poised to represent Oregon in Congress. The 3rd Congressional District, which encompasses east Portland and the Columbia River Gorge, leans overwhelmingly Democratic. Retiring Representative Earl Blumenauer held this seat for nearly three decades. Dexter’s victory in the primary positions her to continue this legacy of progressive representation.

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The 5th Congressional District: Janelle Bynum’s Challenge

Janelle Bynum faces a formidable challenge in the November general election. The 5th Congressional District stretches from Bend to Portland and is currently represented by first-term Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer. Democrats are determined to reclaim this district, which is one of several nationwide that could determine control of the U.S. House in 2025.

Bynum narrowly won the 2022 general election, defeating Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Her prior victories over Chavez-DeRemer in 2016 and 2018 for the state House District 51 demonstrate her resilience and appeal to voters.

Other Congressional Races

In addition to the Dexter-Bynum showdown, Oregon’s other congressional races unfolded predictably. Republican Representative Cliff Bentz and Democratic Representatives Suzanne Bonamici, Val Hoyle, and Andrea Salinas coasted to victories in their respective primaries. Salinas faces a rematch with 2022 Republican nominee Mike Erickson, while Hoyle is likely to compete against retired Air Force Col. Monique DeSpain in the general election.

As the dust settles from the primaries, Oregonians eagerly await the general election. The stakes are high, and the outcomes will shape the future of representation in Congress.


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