How to Send GIFs on Slack? Fun and Easy!

Spice up your Slack conversations with fun and creative GIFs! Whether it’s to celebrate a big win, express your emotions, or just add some humor to the conversation, sending GIFs on Slack is a great way to keep the conversation engaging. In this post, we’ll guide you through various ways of sending GIFs on Slack. From using Giphy to uploading GIFs from your PC or URL, adding captions, using built-in GIFs, and even sending animated emojis – we’ve got you covered! We’ll also share some keyboard shortcuts that will make sending GIFs even easier for you. So let’s dive in and make your Slack conversations more fun and easy!

GIFs on Slack

How to Send GIFs on Slack Using Giphy?

If you want to add some fun and personality to your conversations on Slack, sending GIFs is a great way to do so. Using Giphy makes it easy and there are many ways you can do it. To start with, installing the Giphy app on Slack is the first step towards accessing a vast array of options. You can browse through categories of funny memes or gifs that relate specifically to your topic of conversation. Alternatively, you can use keywords in the search bar to find the perfect gif for your needs.

Another method is uploading gifs from URLs or PCs by clicking on the lightning bolt icon located in the chat window’s text box. From there you can choose if you’d like the gif displayed as an animation or still image by selecting either GIPHY LINK (animated) or IMAGE LINK (still). In addition, you can customize your gifs by adding captions which help express more specific emotions and messages.

Slack has its own built-in gifs that one can use as well. Simply typing /giphy followed by any keyword will generate a random gif relating to that keyword. Additionally, you can send animated emoji on Slack by typing a colon followed by the name of the emoji and selecting it from the list. Keyboard shortcuts are also there for ease of use; “/giphy” followed by any word will generate a gif from Giphy that relates to that particular word.

Sending gifs in a Slack workspace or adding them to your Slack profile is another great way to brighten up conversations with colleagues or friends. Simply type /giphy [insert text] and select the perfect gif using keywords. Finally, you can even share gifs with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email, or even download them as PNG files.

Uploading GIFs from Your PC or URL

If you want to send an animated image on Slack, you don’t need to be limited by built-in options. You can upload your files as well! Here’s how to do it:

  • Browse websites like Giphy or create your own GIF using a tool like Giphy integration with Facebook Messenger, Email, Twitter, and many more social media sites! Once you have your perfect gif ready (it could be in png format), save it on your PC or copy its URL.
  • Logging into your Slack workspace either via mobile app (iPhone/iOS/Android) or desktop app (Microsoft/Linux/Internet). In any chat/slack channel where you want to send this gif file, find and click on the lightning bolt icon. Find and choose ‘File’ under ‘More Message Shortcuts’.
  • In the box that pops up after selecting ‘File’, choose either ‘Upload from my device’ if going with PNG format or ‘Add link’ if copying the URL of the Gif file. This will upload your perfect gif onto your Slack workspace which can then be used anywhere!

Don’t forget that this method also allows for customization with captions, emojis, and reactions so get creative!

Adding Captions to Your GIFs

Adding Textual Context with Captions on Your Social Media Platform

Captions play an essential role in adding textual context to images on social media platforms like Slack which allows you to send various types of Gifs.

  • You don’t need to have the perfect GIF for every situation but adding the right caption makes all the difference. Keep your captions concise and clear by restricting yourself from using unnecessary words in them as it may lead to readers losing interest in reading them completely resulting in limiting engagement with readers. Instead of going overboard with words try making them interesting by using humor or wit wherever possible while staying true to the actual message that you want through the GIFs.
  • It’s important to use captions effectively when trying to convey a message through the image. Captions can offer context and provide more information about the GIF. When used correctly, they can add value to the overall message you’re trying to convey and help you stand out in a crowded social media feed.
  • Don’t overuse captions. A well-chosen GIF speaks for itself without any text needed. Use captions sparingly and be mindful of how much text you’re adding to your post. Too much text can be overwhelming and detract from the image itself.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to create engaging and effective messages that resonate with your audience on social media platforms like Slack.

How to Use Slack’s Built-In GIFs?

Slack’s built-in GIF feature makes it easy to add some fun and creativity to team communication and collaboration. By clicking on the lightning bolt icon next to the message box, you can access the GIF feature. You can either search for a specific keyword or phrase in the search bar or use the customization settings to filter out certain types of GIFs. With this feature, you don’t even have to leave Slack to find that perfect gif!

  • Adding captions to your gifs can help get your point across even better. The concise and clear language will ensure that everyone understands what you are trying to say. And if you want to stand out with some humor or wit in your caption, go ahead! Just be careful not to overdo it.
  • Slack also allows users to upload their gifs from their PC or through URL integration with other sites like Giphy. Simply find that perfect gif from a website or create your own using a gif-making tool, save it onto your computer (or copy the URL), and then click on the “+” button next to the message bar and select “upload file”. From there choose the gif you saved or paste it into the URL.
  • Slack’s animated emoji feature is also another great way to add some fun and flare to your messages. With various smileys and other animations available, this feature is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. And if you prefer keyboard shortcuts, Slack has got you covered there too! By simply typing /giphy and then your search keyword, you can quickly access all the gifs related to that specific search term.
  • Whether on the desktop or mobile app, sending gifs on Slack is simple and easy. So next time you want to add some humor or creativity to your messages, don’t hesitate to use this fun feature!

Sending GIFs with the Slack App

Sending GIFs on Slack is a fun and easy way to add some creativity and liven up your work communication. With several options at your disposal to find and share these animated files, there’s no reason not to use them.

  • One of the ways to send GIFs on Slack is by using its built-in search feature available right within the message box itself. Simply type in any keyword or phrase related to what type of GIF you want to express yourself with and let Slack do its magic by displaying potentially hundreds of results with various animations for each search query.
  • Alternatively, instead of relying solely on the built-in feature, you can use Giphy integration or upload your GIFs directly from your PC or URL. This will give you greater control and flexibility over what type of content you’re sharing with colleagues and team members.

With Slack’s extensive collection of emojis and stickers as yet another option, these could be a great alternative when you cannot find the perfect GIF for your message.

Sending Animated Emoji on Slack

In addition to sending GIFs on Slack using Giphy and uploading them from your PC or URL, one can also send animated emojis to enhance communication within teams. This is possible because Slack allows users to create custom emojis and upload their GIFs so that they can communicate more effectively with colleagues.

To start sending animated emojis, look for the lightning bolt icon next to the text box where you type your messages. Once clicked, choose the smiley face option which will show all available emojis in Slack. You can search for a specific emoji by using keywords or browse through the list provided.

If you want to send a custom emoji, simply click on the plus sign next to the search bar and select “Custom Emoji.” You can then upload your desired image file (either PNG or GIF), give it a name, and start using it as an emoji.

Similarly, if you prefer sending animated GIFs instead of emojis, upload the GIF file in your message or paste its URL. Alternatively, one can use Giphy integration on Slack by typing `/giphy` followed by a keyword in the message box. This will bring up a random GIF related to that keyword.

It is important to remember that while animated emojis add an element of fun and creativity to team communication, they should be used appropriately and professionally in the workplace. Excessive use of animated emojis may not convey the intended message and could be distracting during work discussions.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Sending GIFs on Slack

Slack is one of the most popular messaging platforms available today and one of its best features is its ability to share GIFs quickly and easily. If you’re looking for ways to improve your experience when sending GIFs on Slack, several keyboard shortcuts can help.

  • To start with, instead of manually searching for the perfect gif using the search bar, you can use the “/giphy” command in the text box. Once you type this command followed by a keyword or phrase, Slack will automatically generate a list of relevant GIFs that you can choose from. This is an excellent way to find and send the perfect GIF without having to interrupt your workflow.
  • Another option is to use the GIPHY for the Slack app. This app allows you to browse through a much wider selection of GIFs than what’s available through the standard Slack interface. It’s easy to install and once set up, it integrates perfectly into your existing Slack workspace.
  • If there are certain GIFs that you find yourself using frequently in your conversations, it’s worth considering creating custom shortcuts using the “/alias” command. This feature allows you to assign any text string, including URLs or emojis, to a custom shortcut that you can then quickly type into your messages instead of typing out the full string every time.

Overall, whether you’re looking for ways to improve your communication with coworkers on a Slack workspace or simply looking for new ways to spice up your everyday chat on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., these keyboard shortcuts are incredibly helpful in making it easier and more convenient for you.

Sending GIFs in a Slack Workspace

Enhance Communication by Sending Animated Images: A Complete Guide

If you’re looking for new ways to add fun elements while communicating with your team, sending GIFs on Slack is the perfect solution. The process of sending GIFs on Slack is easy and hassle-free. You can easily search for specific GIFs or browse through popular categories using the search bar. Slack also allows you to create custom emojis and upload your GIFs, making it a personalized communication experience.

  • To send GIFs directly within Slack, use the /giphy command. With this command, you can quickly find and send the perfect GIF without leaving the chat window. The /tenor or /gif commands can also be used to search for GIFs in Slack. Installing third-party apps like GIPHY or Tenor provides a wider range of options for sending your favorite animations.
  • Customizing your GIFs with captions can help convey your message more effectively. To add captions to your selected GIF, type /giphy + [text], and GIPHY will automatically add captions to your selected one. Additionally, if you have a specific GIF file saved on your PC or URL, you can upload it by clicking on the lightning bolt icon in the text box.
  • Creating custom Slack emojis with animated GIFs helps to add personality and fun to conversations in your workspace. To create custom emoji, click on the smiley face icon at the bottom of any message box and select ‘Add Emoji.’ Here you can upload a PNG or JPG image, including animated ones.

With these tips, you can take advantage of Slack’s many features while communicating with your team members effectively. Whether you’re using desktop or mobile app versions of Slack on Android or iOS devices, Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems, you’ll never be too far away from sharing your favorite animated images.

How to Send GIFs on Desktop vs. Mobile?

Are you looking for ways to spice up your chats on Slack? Look no further than sending GIFs! Whether you’re working from a desktop computer or mobile device, there are plenty of ways to add some personality and humor to your messages.

  • For those using a desktop computer, two options include utilizing GIPHY integration or using Slack’s built-in GIF search feature. The GIPHY integration allows you to quickly search for the perfect GIF by clicking the lightning bolt icon and typing in a keyword. If you prefer to use Slack’s built-in feature, click the smiley face icon and select “GIF” from the menu. From there, you can type in a keyword or browse through popular GIFs that are trending on Slack.
  • Mobile users have an equally easy process to send GIFs on their iPhone or Android device. Simply tap on the plus button in your chat window and select “GIF” from the menu that appears. From there, you can type in a keyword or browse through popular GIFs that are trending on Slack. Want to take it up a notch? Consider using custom emojis or animated GIFs created just for your workspace.

It’s important to remember that while sending GIFs can be fun, it’s equally important to be mindful of appropriateness in the workplace when selecting and sending them. So go ahead, spice up your chats with some humor and personality – just make sure it’s appropriate for everyone involved!

Adding GIFs to Your Slack Profile

If you’re looking to add some personality and engagement to your workspace, adding GIFs to your Slack profile is a great place to start. Not only does it allow you to express yourself through animation, but it’s also an excellent way to make communication more engaging. Here are some tips on how you can add GIFs to your Slack profile without any hassle:

  • Use keywords and tags while searching for the perfect GIF that describes you or the message you want to convey. This will help you find exactly what you’re looking for among the wide variety of options available within the platform.
  • Slack has also got an extensive library of pre-existing GIFs that users can browse through before adding them directly to their profiles. This feature makes it easier than ever before for users who don’t have access or time to create their custom animations.
  • If there’s a specific animation that isn’t available within Slack’s library or matches your brand’s aesthetics better, uploading custom-made animations is also possible. This personalization step not only sets you apart from others, but it allows you full creative freedom over what gets displayed in your profile.
  • Slack offers integrations with third-party GIF platforms like Giphy, Tenor, and Emojipedia. These integrations offer an even wider range of GIFs for users in case they can’t find what they are looking for within the Slack library.

Remember to keep appropriateness in mind when selecting GIFs for your profile as you don’t want to send a wrong message or make someone uncomfortable. Adding the perfect GIF can be a great way to showcase your personality and add some fun to your messages. It’s an excellent tool to engage with people on a more personal level while keeping your messages light-hearted and fun.

Additional Tips and Resources

Enhance your experience of sending GIFs on Slack with these additional tips and resources that will make your communication even more engaging. Save time by using keyboard shortcuts while adding a personal touch with custom-made options. You can integrate third-party providers like Giphy or explore the built-in library of Slack for even more options. Additionally, you can use the search function of Slack which helps in finding specific GIFs or popular categories including emojis, smileys, stickers and much more available in their extensive library which provides seamless communication whether it’s personal chat or professional workspaces.

Explore all these amazing features that Slack has to offer when it comes to sending GIFs without missing out.


In conclusion, sending GIFs on Slack is a fun way to engage with your team members and add some personality to your messages. Whether you’re using Giphy, uploading from your PC or URL, or using Slack’s built-in GIFs, there are plenty of options available to spice up your conversations. You can also use keyboard shortcuts and send animated emojis to make the process even more seamless. And don’t forget to add some personality to your profile by adding a few favorite GIFs. Want to learn more? Check out our additional tips and resources for sending GIFs on Slack.

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