Mary Bradfield Leads GOP Primary Challengers in Colorado House District 21

Colorado state Representative Mary Bradfield, hailing from Colorado Springs, is poised to secure victory in the Republican primary election for House District 21. Early results from the secretary of state’s office show Bradfield leading the race with 48% of the vote as of Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. Her closest challenger, Bill Garlington, a Fountain businessman, trails behind at 32%, while Jan Koester, a former Fountain Valley educator, holds third place with 19%.

A Closer Look at House District 21

House District 21 encompasses southern parts of El Paso County, including Fort Carson, Fountain, and unincorporated areas west of Interstate 25. Bradfield, seeking her third term in the state House, previously secured re-election with approximately 58% of the vote in 2022. Her commitment to the district extends beyond electoral success, as she outlines her top three priorities for the upcoming 2025 legislative session:

Mary Bradfield campaign

  1. Child Care Facilities: Bradfield aims to continue work on programs for the development of child care facilities, building upon the foundation laid by House Bill 24-1237.
  2. Advocacy for Constituents: She pledges to actively oppose bills that do not serve the best interests of her constituents.
  3. Retired Military Tax Credit: Bradfield advocates for ensuring that the tax credit for retired military personnel remains in place indefinitely.

Looking Ahead

The winner of Tuesday’s primary will face Democrat Liz Rosenbaum in the November general election. As the campaign unfolds, voters in House District 21 will weigh the candidates’ positions on critical issues, including governance, economic policies, and the cost of living. Bradfield’s track record and commitment to her constituents position her as a formidable contender in this closely watched race.


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