Camacho on Track to Beat Epps in Closely Watched Colorado Statehouse Race

In a closely watched statehouse race, Sean Camacho is gaining momentum against incumbent State Representative Elisabeth Epps. The central Denver district has been abuzz with anticipation as voters head to the polls to decide the fate of this critical contest.

The Battle for District 6

Elisabeth Epps, who faced controversy during her first term, now faces a challenging re-election battle. Her tenure has been marked by both accomplishments and criticism, making this race particularly intriguing. Meanwhile, Sean Camacho, a fresh face in Colorado politics, has emerged as a formidable contender. As the election unfolds, voters are closely examining their positions on key issues, including governance, the economy, and cost of living.

Sean Camacho campaign

Epps’ Controversial First Term

Elisabeth Epps’ controversial first term has been a topic of discussion throughout the district. While some constituents appreciate her progressive stances, others have raised concerns about her effectiveness in office. The battle for the Democratic nomination in District 6 is a reflection of broader debates within the party. Epps’ name recognition and incumbency are powerful assets, but Camacho’s grassroots campaign has resonated with voters who seek fresh perspectives and solutions.

Camacho’s Momentum

Sean Camacho, a relative newcomer to the political scene, has gained traction by emphasizing practical solutions and community engagement. His campaign focuses on addressing inflation, improving the economy, and ensuring that everyday Coloradans can afford basic necessities. Camacho’s promise to target “price gougers” resonates with voters who feel the pinch of rising costs. Additionally, he advocates for innovative job creation, especially in rural areas where traditional four-year universities are absent. His vision aligns with the aspirations of many District 6 residents.


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