Mailnest Pitchground Discount: Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Mailnest Pitchground: While testing the email marketing campaigns, there could be accidental errors. You can accidentally send it to your real customers, there could be any subject or content error, or an issue with the email format.

We know it’s frustrating. It looks highly unprofessional and makes you feel down in the dumps! That’s one of the reasons why an Email Testing tool is required.

Ensure device compatibility of the emails that are being sent from applications. And, to tackle this, we have the right tool for you.

Mailnest is an email testing tool for development and QA testing teams. Save time, effort and money while concentrating on your application’s core features.

Click Here to Buy Mailnest Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Mailnest Pitchground

Mailnest can be used to test, improve and stabilize email sending. From now on, no need to send test emails and spam real email ids.

Sandbox all the development emails in a single platform

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Avoid Email Accidents –

  • Capture all your test emails in one place.
  • No more accidental sending of test emails to real customers.
  • Add all your team members to collaborate easily
  • Check the spam score to ensure emails reach the customer inbox for sure.

Quickly set up your Dev emails –

  • Setup a virtual SMTP server in 2 minutes.
  • Test multiple scenarios without creating multiple email ids or clearing databases.
  • View source code of emails to check everything is perfect.
  • Switch on error mode to emulate error scenarios.

Do email testing with ease –

  • Preview all emails in a single place.
  • Check for multiple device compatibility with a single click.
  • Include email testing in your automation.
  • No need for creating multiple email ids for various scenarios.

Click Here to Buy Mailnest Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Save money, time and effort –

  • You concentrate on your core features while we take care of email testing
  • Save your resources’ time and effort and use them productively
  • Ensure emails reach your customers and generate more revenue
  • No frustration of customers by sending out test email

Get features such as –

  • Development email sandbox
  • Spam score checker
  • Device compatibility checker
  • SMTP server error simulator
  • Email source code checker
  • and much more…


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