It is now possible to change the trajectory of a meteorite that collides with Earth: NASA’s Dart spacecraft test success

Washington: A spacecraft sent by NASA to study how to deflect asteroids hitting Earth under the world’s first planetary protection program has successfully hit the space. A double asteroid deflection experiment called DART will fly about 11 million km from Earth. NASA planned to crash the spacecraft into the distant asteroid Dymorphos. Accordingly, NASA launched a specially designed Dart spacecraft from California in November last year.

It is now possible to change the trajectory of a meteorite that collides with Earth
NASA announced that the Dimorphos meteorite selected for testing was not on an Earth-bound trajectory and that the collision would not have caused the asteroid to enter the Earth orbit. 160 m. 24,000 km/hr on the Dimorphos meteorite in diameter. NASA’s plan is to change the spacecraft’s orbital path by bumping it at speed. According to this morning at 4 hours 44 minutes the Dart spacecraft successfully collided with the Dymorphos meteorite.

A 14 kg camera system mounted on the spacecraft to capture the collision scene was 50 km from Sparta, the site of the collision, 10 days ago. Positioned at a distance. It is designed to transmit the images it captures to Earth. They are due to reach Earth in a few days. With the success of the first planetary defense program, it is possible that we can successfully keep asteroids from approaching Earth as seen in Hollywood movies.


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