Sallie Bingham Foundation and the Future of Hopscotch House in Court Battle

Hopscotch House, a serene five-bedroom farmhouse dating back to 1848, nestled on a 412-acre farm in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky, has become the center of a contentious legal dispute. The house was originally envisioned as a peaceful sanctuary for women artists and writers when the Kentucky Foundation for Women acquired it in 1987. However, the foundation’s recent decision to sell the historic property has sparked an acrimonious battle with its benefactor, Sallie Bingham.

The Origins of Hopscotch House

Hopscotch House, with its rambling charm and rich history, was meant to be a haven—a place where creativity could flourish. Sallie Bingham, an accomplished author, playwright, poet, feminist activist, and philanthropist, generously donated the house to the Kentucky Foundation for Women in the 1980s. Her vision was to provide a nurturing environment for women to create, connect, and find inspiration.

Hopscotch House Kentucky

The Foundation’s Dilemma

Over the years, Hopscotch House has hosted countless artists, writers, and thinkers. Its walls have absorbed stories, laughter, and the quiet hum of creativity. But now, faced with financial challenges and shifting priorities, the Kentucky Foundation for Women has decided to sell the property. This decision has ignited a legal battle—one that pits the foundation’s fiduciary responsibilities against the legacy of Sallie Bingham’s generosity.

The Clash of Visions

At the heart of the dispute lies a clash of visions. The foundation argues that selling Hopscotch House will allow them to better serve their mission by redirecting funds toward grants and programs. Bingham, however, sees the house as more than a financial asset. To her, it represents a commitment to women’s voices, artistic expression, and the power of place.

The Uncertain Future

As the courtroom drama unfolds, the fate of Hopscotch House hangs in the balance. Supporters on both sides watch anxiously, torn between pragmatism and sentimentality. What will become of this historic farmhouse, where dreams were woven into words and art? Only time—and the legal system—will reveal the final chapter in this complex tale.


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