Govt fund embezzlement case against former president Gotabaya: Main opposition demand

Colombo: Gotabaya Rajapaksa was the President of Sri Lanka. Due to the economic problem, the people started a continuous protest demanding that the president should resign. As a result, Gotabaya, who resigned last month, left Sri Lanka and fled to Singapore via the Maldives. From there, he is said to have gone to Thailand. In this situation, Samaki Jana Palavekaya Party executive Ajith Pereira told reporters, “Gothabhaya Rajapaksa is a citizen of this country and he has the right to return to his motherland. However, he should be prosecuted for misappropriating government funds.

Govt fund embezzlement case against former president Gotabaya
Sri Lanka’s constitution allows former presidents special privileges, including personal protection and an office with staff.
“There is a case against him that he spent government funds on his parents’ memorial. “If he is found guilty, he will face trial and punishment.”


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