China ignores border agreements: Jaishankar charges in Brazil

Sao Paulo: External Affairs Minister Jaishankar accused China of ignoring border agreements with India and damaging bilateral relations. Union External Affairs Minister Jaishankar, who is on a 6-day tour of South American countries, has visited Brazil as the first phase.

China ignores border agreements
He said among the Indians of Sao Paulo there:
Agreements were made between India and China in 1990 to prohibit the transportation of troops to the border area. But they reneged on that agreement. Everyone knows what happened in the Kalwan Valley a few years ago. The issue is still not resolved. This has damaged the relationship between the two sides.

We are very clear that if we want to develop good relations with our neighbours, there must be mutual respect. Each other needs to understand what the other’s concerns are. This relationship cannot be a one-way street. Currently, India-China relations are going through a very difficult phase. This is what he said.

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