Google Pixel Phone for Ukrainian Refugees – Sundar Pichai!

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that he will provide 30,000-pixel phones to refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan who land in the United States.

In addition, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that it intends to offer $ 1 million each in search advertising and donations. According to reports, the begging under the CEO Council is making this donation.

Tools like Google Translate help refugees connect with their new American communities. Sundar Pichai said that they can use it to start their life.

Google Pixel Phone

tweeted, “We are donating additional 20,000-pixel phones to @welcomeus so that more Ukrainian and Afghan refugees can make the days of living in the United States feel like home.”

In addition, Google announced in an official blog post that Sundar Pichai is set to donate 30,000-pixel phones to refugees.

The first 17 beneficiaries of the Google Ukraine Support Fund were confirmed in May this year. Recipients will receive financial assistance and guidance from a search company to start their own start-ups. The program will enable recipients to connect with the right industry people and start-ups at an early stage.

Google says Ukraine is doing all it can to provide technical and economic assistance to people fleeing the Russian war and seeking refuge in another country.


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