First all-electric plane!: Test run successful in America.. It flew for about 8 minutes at 3,500 feet..!!

WASHINGTON: An aircraft designed to run entirely on electric power has successfully completed its test run. Aviation Air Grab, a company in the US, has designed an aircraft that runs entirely on batteries. The test flight of this aircraft, named Alice, was held yesterday. The electric plane successfully took off from the Grand County International Airport in Washington as scheduled. The Alice electric plane flew in the sky for about 8 minutes and landed successfully after reaching an altitude of 3,500 feet.

First all-electric plane!: Test run successful in America
250 km per hour The test was carried out by flying the aircraft at speed. The airline has said that the aircraft will not cause any pollution to the environment as it runs on electric power. A team of engineers is analyzing the data recorded by the aircraft during the exercise. 240 to 400 km. Aviation Air Grab says that the Alice aircraft has been developed to travel long distances. It is reported that it may take a few years for this aircraft to be operational as various tests are still being carried out.


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