China’s Tianwen-1 probe finds: China competes with US in Mars exploration

China: Chinese scientists have discovered possible elements for the presence of water on Mars. A paper published in this regard has raised expectations of human migration. China, which has emerged as a new rival to the United States in space exploration, continues to explore the possibility of human settlement on Mars. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft sent by China for this purpose landed on Utopia Planitia on the south pole of Mars on May 15.

China's Tianwen-1 probe finds: China competes with US in Mars exploration
Since then the Jurong rover has landed on the surface of Mars and explored it. In the last 113 days, the rover has covered 1171 meters and penetrated to a depth of about 80 meters below the Martian surface. A research report written by Chinese scientists based on the data found in this has been published in the international scientific journal Nature. The report contradicts the hypothesis that Mars has been continuously losing its own water for the past 300 million years.

China has provided the world with new facts about Mars by penetrating the Earth’s surface. Chinese researchers say the signs of water are important to studying its impact on Mars’ environment and mineral composition. Chinese researchers say the Tianwen-1 spacecraft continues to operate successfully and has uploaded 1500 gigabytes of data so far. There are many more mysterious knots about Mars when researching them thoroughly.


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