Finland’s female prime minister did not use drugs: results of tests revealed

Helsinki: Finland’s female Prime Minister Sanna Marin did not use drugs during the party, according to the test. Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Recently, a video of him dancing and singing while drunk at a party with his friends went viral. As a result, he became embroiled in controversy. It was alleged that he used drugs and played at the party.

Finland's female prime minister did not use drugs
Can the prime minister of the country take drugs? As criticisms and condemnations against him intensified. But Marin denied that he only drank alcohol and did not take drugs. He also announced that he is ready for a drug test. Following this, he was drug tested on the 19th. The Prime Minister’s Office released the report the day before yesterday.

In this, ‘Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s urine sample was tested for the presence of various drugs including cocaine. It has been confirmed that he did not take drugs,’ it has been said.


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