Does your Windows laptop run out of battery instantly? Try these tips

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. But, only when you have to work long hours will the battery charge suddenly drop and cause you a headache. If you do some things carefully, your laptop will stop charging all day.

Not only this, it also extends the life of your battery. Most of the time, we would have heard some friends say that the laptop heats up without proper ventilation and consumes a lot of battery charge. Not only that, you are running different software or tasks at the same time or you have a lot of tabs open in the browser. This is something that can cause problems for your Windows battery.

In particular, after the onset of the work-from-home culture during the Corona epidemic, shutting down laptops has become a rarity. So what is the solution? We can save battery charge by following some tips.

Windows laptop run out of battery

How to maintain battery charge on the laptop?

Aces laptops

Download and install the My Aces app in your Microsoft Store. Open the Customization tab. Under the Power & Performance tab, select the Battery Health Charging option. Now select the maximum life span mode. This way your laptop is only charging up to 60%. If the charge drops to 2 to 3 percent, the charge will start to rise again automatically. Tap OK and save.

HP laptop

If your laptop is turned on, press Power Off. Now restart and go to the HP BIOS Setup Utility by pressing F10.

Open the configuration tab using the right arrow key inside the BIOS setup. Now use the Down Arrow key to enable Adaptive Battery Optimizer.

Select Battery Health Manager and select Maximize My Battery Health. Now when you press F10, the changes you make are saved and then exit.


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