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Yourlead Pitchground: Funnel traffic from powerful marketing platforms outside of Amazon to drive sales and climb the Amazon ranks —

  • Generate a landing page for any Amazon product in minutes with AI
  • Use your new page as a funnel to drive Amazon sales and build an email list by offering exclusive discounts
  • Leverage traffic from Facebook Ads, Google Ads and social media to grow on Amazon
  • Effortlessly share your page via your branded short link or QR code
  • Learn which marketing channels are most effective with analytics
  • Build a retargeting audience

Yourlead creates and hosts a captivating landing page for any Amazon product. Use your new page as a funnel to drive sales, offer exclusive discounts, build an email list from Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more.

Click Here to Buy Yourlead Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Yourlead Pitchground

Make Your Page Pop : Build a beautiful landing page to match your product and brand. No code needed. Pick a starter template, optimized to convert for mobile and desktop, and grow your sales and email list in no time.

Share Anywhere: Up your marketing game across platforms with Yourlead. Effortlessly share your Amazon deals via your brandable short link or QR code — perfect for printed media.

Track Performance: Gain deeper insight into how and when visitors interact with your page. Learn which marketing channels are driving the most traffic and sales for your Amazon products. Optimize your campaigns to maximise conversion rate.


With prices wars, knock-off products, and competing sellers using black hat tactics, growing on Amazon can be tough.

As competition increases, sales dwindle and ACoS rises.

Having the best product does not translate to selling the most units, or getting the most reviews.

Sellers are isolated. Blocked from requesting feedback, or selling outside of Amazon due to an inability to contact their customers.

Future ideas for growth are foggy.


Step 1. Generate a powerful landing page for your Amazon product with Yourlead

Step 2. Send traffic to your page from ads, socials, printed media, and other places people will love your product

Step 3. Drive sales on Amazon, grow your rank, and most importantly… build your email list!

Yourlead pages are designed from the ground up to convert visitors to customers.

Offer exclusive discounts to your visitors and capture their email in exchange.

See your sales spike and rank trend upwards as Amazon rewards the external traffic sent.

Know exactly who your customers are as your list grows.

Click Here to Buy Yourlead Pitchground Lifetime Deal for $49.00

As you begin to build your brand, the future is bright.

  • Generate a high converting landing page to funnel external traffic to your Amazon listing
  • Choose from a growing list of starter templates to match your product style
  • Make your page pop with custom colors and text
  • Get content ideas from AI-generated marketing copy (OpenAi, GPT-3)
  • Customize your short links and QR codes
  • Offer exclusive discounts
  • Capture customer emails
  • Send single-use coupons via email
  • Host on custom domains and subdomains
  • Track visits and conversions with analytics
  • GDPR compliant
  • Safe-guard your deals with built-in abuse and spam protection
  • Build a retargeting audience with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics integrations
  • Convert visitors to customers on desktop, tablet and mobile with fully responsive pages


  • Up to 3,000 leads per month
  • Up to 10 active pages and 3 custom domains
  • Unlimited page views & coupons
  • All customizable themes
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Priority support


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