Work Monit Pitchgrount Discount: Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Work Monit Pitchgrount: WorkMonit is invisible windows activity monitoring software that helps small medium-sized businesses to keep eye on their employee’s computer activities secretly and remotely on one simple portal.

WorkMonit is an All-in-one solution for your business Staff’s Work Monitoring. It monitors the work invisibly on All versions of windows. it is Designed for Businessmen and Entrepreneurs who hire the highest-paid office employees and they don’t work in the boss’s absence.

Click Here to Buy Work Monit Pitchgrount Lifetime Deal for $49.00

Work Monit Pitchgrount

Work Monit helps to Boost their activities and to keep eye on your computer staff.

WorkMonit is the modern windows and cloud-based computer monitoring software that allows you to remotely view all the activities of your employees the major feature of this software is completely automated and invisible all the settings e.g increasing the duration of screenshots and triggers can also be managed remotely.

Lack of productivity by office staff? we all know that it’s quite difficult to make sure your employees are working if you’re not around to check on them.

Click Here to Buy Work Monit Pitchgrount Lifetime Deal for $49.00

WorkMonit will help you keep eye on your all office staff’s computers secretly to help to increase their Work productivity. It auto-starts invisibly and captures their total working hours and as well their app usage with multiple screenshots and keyloggers defined with multiple triggers.

  • Monitor Remotely & Secretly Your Staff Computers
  • Monitor everything from a Simple Cloud Portal
  • Everything what is typed on Keyboards, Keylogs
  • Take Screenshot of every 1 second and on Multiple Triggers.
  • Auto Start Invisibly when computer turn on.
  • Monitor Total working hours
  • Monitor App Usage history and Times
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