Woman jailed for 45 years for tweet against king, prince: Saudi Arabia court action

Saudi: The court sentenced the woman who posted controversial comments against the king and prince to 45 years in prison.
A woman named Noora from the same country had posted a controversial comment against the King and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, on her social media page. He was subsequently arrested under the Prevention of Cybercrime Act in July last year.

Woman jailed for 45 years for tweet against king
While the trial of the case against him was going on in the special court, now the court has given the verdict. Noora was accordingly sentenced to 45 years in prison for defaming the king and prince. Convicting Noora, the court said, ‘Controversial tweets are disturbing public order.

It encourages the activities of those who want to destabilize the country. “Noora has damaged the social structure of Saudi Arabia through such activities,” it said. However, Western countries have condemned this verdict. The sentence has exposed the human rights situation in the Gulf states.


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