Ukraine President Zelenskyi car accident; Hospital treatment for minor injuries

Kyiv: Ukrainian President Zelensky has suffered minor injuries in a car accident. Another car crashed into a stone carrying Ukrainian President Zelensky in Kiev. Zelensky was slightly injured. Russia launched a war against Ukraine at the end of February. The war started by Russia has been going on for 6 months. Ukraine is in the process of recovering the territories captured by Russia in the war. Kharkiv, the second capital of Ukraine, was captured by Russia.

Ukraine President Zelenskyi car accident
After a fierce struggle, the Ukrainian forces have defeated the Russian forces and recaptured the city of Kharkiv. Later, the Ukrainian army set fire to the Russian flag hoisted in Kharkiv and hoisted the Ukrainian flag. In this case, the car of Ukrainian President Zelensky was involved in an accident. In the news published by the country’s media, Serhii Nikiborov, the spokesperson of Ukrainian President Zelensky, said in his Facebook post that a car collided with the president’s car and a security vehicle.

Following this, the doctors who accompanied Zelensky immediately examined Zelensky. He has minor injuries. His driver was also given medical aid. Subsequently, he was taken away in an ambulance. It has been reported that the government will conduct a full-scale investigation into the accident.


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